New project! – san diego children’s photographer

So, as a photographer it can be really hard to remember to take photos of your own family. We work so hard every day of the week with our wonderful clients, shooting and editing and communicating, the thought of taking our camera out in our personal life is far from our minds. This is my new project to change that! My littles one’s LOVE to dress themselves, but also love when I set out a fun outfit for them and then they add some fun unique touches to it. This new project “My little’s style”, MLS,  is about their daily styles, which I understand may seem incredibly superficial but it’s not. The way they dress each day depends on what we’re doing, there may be times we rock out in pajamas all day, and that will be included here. Sometimes we dress in outrageous colors because we’re going somewhere crowded and mom + dad want to be able to find these tiny favorite humans very quickly and those bright colors makes that easier – that will be here! Regardless of what we’re doing, having me photograph what they’re wearing is really another way of documenting them growing and their daily life. I’m excited to capture it all and share it! The other upside, I get questions all the time about my kiddo’s clothing/style, and a lot of people think I spend crazy money on their clothes. This little MLS area on my site will share just how affordable their little styles are. I’m a clearance rack shopped to the max!! 🙂

Hope you love these moments I’ll share as much as we love capturing them.

Look how fancy we are over here with a fun logo to go with this project!! 🙂


Day oneeee. We had a lazy day at home and have been helping dad install a new dishwasher, and getting lots of laundry done…so we’re comfy and ready to play. As mentioned before, they love to add their own touches. Little homie here added the beanie which he is obsessed with because dad has one 😉 and of course this little darling had to add some pink!! Even though a dress is girly, she wanted to add a bit more femininity and threw her pink skirt on under the dress.

Little man’s clothing : shirt – Target. Pants – H&M. Beanie – TJMaxx.

Little darling’s clothing. dress – Old Navy clearance. Tights + Headband – H&M.