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This is to purchase a combo of the Classic set and Vibes set!! PLEASE NOTE : these are NOT mobile. You need LR or ACR to use. Please be knowledgable about installing presets. As a photographer – I use all these presets on auto white balance and then I warm after applying. I love to see what you do with them!! Please tag #tsppresets

When you purchase, you will receive a download link in your email.

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CLASSIC : 7 classic, 4 gopro, 3 black and white

VIBES : 11 vibes presets, 1 black and white


PLEASE NOTE : all breakouts, e-books, workshops are through Click Photo School but you do not have to be a member to participate in any of the learning opportunities.


I highly recommend reading reviews on these workshops. I don’t sell or teach “fluff”. I dedicated my time and pour my heart into my classes.

The Messy View – this was my original breakout. 2015. There are 3 HUGE PDF’s. Multiple editing videos. A Q&A video. IT’S A LOT. IT’s a deep dive into photographing your own family as well as lighting and connections. It’s the intro to all the teaching I went into after it. I would say it’s one of the most intense and in depth breakouts. It is from 2015, but I believe it’s relevant information and inspiring – inspiriting isn’t a trend. <3 CLICK HERE FOR THE MESSY VIEW. 

I teach a 4 week workshop on natural light called,

The Illuminated View: Manipulating and Exploring Light

click HERE for workshop info! 

I also teach a 4 week workshop on connections called, 

In The Zone : Family Photography Uncovered

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