“When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.”
― Robert Frank

Hey there + welcome to my little corner in the world. I’m a simple person with a lot of love + passion for my people, my profession + for God. I live life one day at a time + take deep breaths all day long to remind myself to enjoy the moment I’m in. Those people up there, they’re my tribe. My world revolves around them + I’m first and foremost their person. Photography is my passion + where I let my creative energy flow. This whole love started off when my parents gave my an old Canon Rebel and I’ve since become quite a gear head + consider my cameras + lenses to be like an extension of me because they allow me to create what I see + feel. What makes me different? I’m not cookie cutter…I don’t have a plan in my head to photograph you or any moment. I feel what’s happening and connect to the humans in front of me + customize the energy I send out to really zone in on genuine personality and connections.

What is your style?
I’ve asked clients to describe it and the words that pop up often are emotional, connected, happy, candid, real, glowing, and fun.
Do you direct us?
I do and I constantly start a session by telling people I’m bossy. Posing and directing a good clean photo is what I do! AI love to pose my clients and in those moments right before or after the “pose”…is many times the best shot!! I love to find inspiration from different sources to have fun and unique photos and locations.
How long until we get our photos?
7-14 days
Do we have a print release?
You do. That means you can print + share to your heart’s content.
What’s in your bag?
Canon cameras + L lenses + the one I couldn’t live with out…85L.
Do you mentor or teach?
I teach a bunch! Click “for photographers” at the top! 🙂