Cake Smash! – San Diego photographer – Project 1/52

Oh, how fast life goes once you have kiddos. The absolute preciousness of these tiny innocent newborns changes every day from the moment they are in our arms. Each day their brains develop more, their tiny features change and sadly, they grow up.

I never in a million years could have imagined how quickly time goes these days. I know it’s mighty cliche, but man, I feel like I was pregnant with Logan yesterday, let alone Londyn. Now Lo is 2 1/2 and my sweet baby girl is one. Today. One year ago today she changed my mommy-hood from mother of one, to two. She gave our little man a sister. She brought much pink into our lives. She is the sweetest, yet feistiest little thing you’ll ever meet. Her smile will melt you into a puddle. She has daddy wrapped around her chubby little finger. Her favorite place to be in the world is in mommy’s arms. She adores her brother. She has no interest in weaning. She wakes up at the crack of dawn. She is my babygirl and I cannot express how blessed I am to be her mom.

Happy first birthday to my little princess. Can’t wait to watch you grow up!

{This is also my week 1 of project 52}