Baby girl Charlotte – san diego newborn photographer

I adore babies. I have two of my own, and one on the way. In 4 years. So..I mean really, I clearly adore babies and I can’t imagine having a better job. I get to cuddle these precious new lives and snuggle up and capture their first days. What is more special than that! I got really lucky with this gorgeous family. Not only do they have a gorgeous new baby girl, but they also have the sweetest and most well behaved older kiddos as well. These two helped me with my props and were so hands on and good natured. It was just a great day and I feel so blessed to meet such wonderful families. www.tarahsweeney.com_0139www.tarahsweeney.com_0140www.tarahsweeney.com_0141www.tarahsweeney.com_0142www.tarahsweeney.com_0143www.tarahsweeney.com_0144