Babygirl and her baby doll – San Diego photographer – Project 3/52

Oh I’m so happy I’m doing this project 52! Last year when I did my 365, I made it to day 76…and it was just so much work! It was stressful to keep up with and started taking the joy out of photography, which is oh so sad because it truly is my passion. Project 52 allows my creativity and fun to come out, no stress, just good ol’ capturing the moments I want to remember. Like this one, my little darlin and her babydolly. She loves her dolls and constantly hugs and kisses and pats their back. It’s the sweetest thing and I adore this image. I asked on my facebook page what people preferred more, black and white or color…it was pretty mixed, but color won! Thought I would share both…I’m very partial to black and white. <3