Sometimes when I try to find a way to describe how God has blessed me with this business of documenting the love people have for each other and their families – it comes out sounding like a cheesy hallmark card. However, I cant even touch on the beauty of the craft that is being allowed to step into people’s lives, with out talking about the actual people who let me do just that. I feel so fortunate to meet and know such wonderful families, people who love God and their country and raise their family in a way that inspires me. It’s not just now and then, it’s so often I get these kinds of people in front of my camera and each time it happens, I’m humbled to be there and honored the entire time I edit. Smiling the whole time. This family is like that. <3 Remember this session? and this one? Makes me all warm and fuzzy 😛 Here’s a peek! 🙂

I am so dang excited for these two to tie the knot!! I’m always excited about a wedding day actually, I love LOVE! But I got even more excited after seeing these two knockouts and seeing their undeniable love and chemistry! HOT STUFF, I tell ya. 😉 Also, kind of obsessed with the fact that “patty” is on Jordan’s arm, which is their cat, and Axel is too…their dog. <3 Animal people make the world go around, guys. It’s true. <3

Completely head over heels for this day…still, now, weeks later. It was a day celebrating these two gorgeous humans and their genuine and infectious love for each other. It truly was infectious – there wasn’t a sour moment or mood the entire day from anyone or anything, just love and laughter and joy. I feel so blessed to have met these two and been there to document their big day, it’s one for the books in my heart and I wish them nothing but the very best in their life together.


My heart, guys. These three were nothing but joy, love, adoration and FUN! So many laughs and genuine embraces…I just wanted to join in!! Maybe not..but pretty close 😉 I went to high school with the beautiful momma and you know what, I haven’t seen her since we graduated and I kid you not, she looks the same as she did the last day of high school. Good genes I tell ya! 🙂 But now she has this wonderful man beside her and a perfectly perfect little man that is just the right combination of each parent and they create this stunning trio! Such a fun session…here’s a peek into it! <3 and ps…HAPPY NEW YEAR!! xo

One of my nearest and dearest friends + family. I love them so much and documenting them makes my heart explode. <3 This beautiful momma hired me on a whim a few years ago, when she was pregnant with little dude and it was like instant attraction. 😛 Between her and I. We’ve been bonded ever since and I look to her and turn to her for so many things and moments in my life. Very grateful. But also my love for her family. Oh it’s a strong one.  I love them so and feel so blessed to be able to document them and their love for each other. <3